Vondelpark // Seabed

Yesterday, Vondelpark (real name Lewis Rainsbury) posted a new version of ‘California Analog Dream’ on his SoundCloud. The track originally appeared in 2010 as the opener to his Sauna EP (R&S Records), and is making a return as part of the full length LP, entitled Seabed.

The new version of ‘California Analog Dream’ is essentially more band-orientated, and… more dreamy. The pitched up, garage-esque drums of the original have been replaced with a tastefully played live kit, the vocal that was previously buried in the mix is now central focus, and the overall production value is just a lot fuller. There’s even some glockenspiel and harmonica parts slipped into the mix, but again in a very tasteful fashion.

Seabed is due to be released April 1st on R&S, and personally I can’t wait!