Chat & Mix #40 – Mørk


Well, I suppose we have Pangaea festival to thank for this installment of our series. It saw myself [Happy Cat] and Marthe, a.k.a Mørk playing in the Boxed In room together. After over an hour of rhythmic witchcraft, a room full of happy punters, and a quick bit of background I soon realised there was more than met the ears to the DJ in question.

Step up, Marthe Fredvang. House and Techno afficionado with an incredible story and a real passion for things that make waves.  I set about putting some questions to the Nordic lady with a penchent for punchy kicks, and the conversation went as such:

Where did you grow up, and how did that affect your musical upbringing do you think?

I grew up in a small village in the outskirts of Oslo, Norway, where there was not much to do for a teenager like me who was into house and trance. Early I was drawn to the capital and its intimate club scene which back then was dominated by minimal techno. Although I enjoyed going out in Oslo, the limited options and relative lack of bookings I cared about led me to travel lots, going to events and festivals throughout Europe to experience the music I cared about. The Oslo club scene has since boomed though, and whenever I go back to visit I’m always amazed at the quality and variety of the nights and bookings at the clubs there.

What got you into DJing?

Ever since I started going to club nights about ten years ago I’ve wanted to DJ so I could play the tunes I wanted to hear when I was out. However, I always assumed this was something I simply would not be capable of doing and therefore never gave it a go. Upon returning to Oslo after living in Australia for three years, I spent the entire summer crashing on my friends’ couches, most of which had DJ-setups in their flats. A few of my mates insisted I give mixing a go and patiently taught me the basics, and before I knew I was hooked and had spent the entire summer leaning over a pair of CDJs.

You’re part of several collectives, tell me about the ‘Femmes Fatales’ crew and Generic Greeting Collective. 

The Generic Greeting Collective is a Manchester-based artist collective comprised 15 of members, including illustrators, filmmakers, photographers, producers and DJs. The idea behind the formation of the collective is that the members can share ideas and learn from learn from each other and collaborate on projects initiated by the members themselves or other people. Music wise, we’re currently hosting a range of after show parties at The Ritz in Manchester, following gigs such as James Blake and Sub Focus. We’ve also started up a monthly mix series including GGC DJs and friends, each mix accompanied with original artwork.

‘Femmes Fatales’ was initiated in 2010 by two of my friends who wanted to start a house/techno night featuring female DJs only as a supplement to Oslo’s male dominated club scene. The night quickly became a success as it has been held frequently in the ‘Sweat Shop’ of the legendary ‘The Villa’ club in Oslo, inviting guest DJs from throughout Europe. Earlier in 2013, ‘Femmes Fatales’ branched out to include a London division and I was asked to join the group. Currently there’s five DJs: Faia and Tina V representing Oslo, Demika and B-Liz from London, and me somewhere in between.

Where would you like to be this time next year, do you plan to be on the festival circuit at all?

As I’ve recently acquired Ableton, I’m looking forward to start playing around with it properly and hope I’ll have grasped the basics at this time next year. Other than that, I hope I’m still playing, having fun, making people dance and hopefully have put on a few good nights. It would be great to get the chance to DJ at some festivals as well!

Which producers and artists would you recommend we keep an eye on for the next year?

Celsius’ recent EP ‘Incoming’ blew my mind, if this is any indication of what’s to come from his end in the future I’d definitely keep my eyes peeled. Moreover, Femmes Fatales’ own, Tina V, is on fire these days, continuously producing quality tracks released on labels such as Definitive Recordings and Sphera Records. Other than that, I can’t wait to hear what else Daniel Curpen, Heston, Basement Heights, Della Zouch, Szajna and Dene Antony have got in store for the next year!

Check out her mix and find the tracklist below. Thanks Mørk!


  1. Kalisha – I Got Something Here (Brodanse Remix)
  2. Tim Green – Just People
  3. Alejandro Vivanco – Verustenas (Remix)
  4. Miskia, Laryy (Italy) – Mr. Gredy
  5. Wade – Done It
  6. Anek – Deflection
  7. Andre Galluzzi, Dana Ruh – Wu Wang
  8. Tina V – Stranded
  9. DJ Fronter, George Privatti – Rappel
  10. Artist Unknown – Vato


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