Chat & Mix #31- Simon/off

Chat-&-Mix-#31-Simon:OffWe first came across Simon/Off when he released his EP on Bristol’s Immerse Records in 2010. Since then he’s had releases on labels such as Phuture Shock Musik, Haunted Audio and Echodub, he now co-runs the label disko404 based in Graz, Austria. His style and originality set him apart from a lot of producers in the current bass scene, and we’re stoked to have this mix and interview from him.

Simon was also kind enough to give us an exclusive track, entitled ‘Such Is Life’. Download it here.

Tell us a bit about disko404 – how did the label start? Who’s involved?

The disko404 label started in spring 2012, but it’s existed as a crew and party series for more than 10 years now. It was founded by Zvonko who is also partly responsible for the Elevate Festival here in Graz. Then we have Feelipa who’s also involved in the CFSN crew, a young DJ duo called Doze , a DJ called B.L.O who manages our website, graphic design from Baumi and artwork from Josef Wurm. The crew also includes Finna and Mike Fidel, and Franjazzco, a DJ / Juke producer from Vienna.

I’ve always been very close with the crew. We’ve often shared stages, played back-to-back sets and we also come from similar musical backgrounds. I thought of starting a label around the end of 2011. We talked about it – everyone was quite excited… and the rest is history as they say.

What does the label have lined up for the future?

We just released Nubian Mindz Hacker Wacker EP. The response has been good and we’re getting support from the likes of Scuba, 2562 and Untold. There will also be a proper video alongside the EP which should be out within the next few weeks. You’re definitely gonna see more 160 bpm influenced stuff around the end of the year and possibly some more stuff from Nubian Mindz and myself. We’re also working with a couple of Austrian producers who are making exciting music, but its too early to announce anything particular. We are always up for listening to demos thouugh – so send em through!

Any artists / producers we should look out for?

That list would be very long as I’m following the works of quite a few people and labels. There are also tons of forgotten artists who need to be discovered in the archives of Discogs. I’m just constantly trying to explore new and old stuff.

What’s the electronic music scene like in Graz / Austria?

Not bad for a small town – we have two big music festivals over here, a good club scene, good soundsystems, and a bunch of people who are trying to push things forward. We also have good connections with nearby cities like Vienna and Zagreb. We are good friends with Off Season Records, Affine, Dubsquare, Burek, Dubway’s CFSN Crew in Zagreb, and some more. Its a naturally growing network that’s getting bigger, and is starting to be more recognised by people from outside.

What have you got lined up next?

I’ve got a 12″ forthcoming on Bristols Phuture Shock Musik, think thats going to be in May. Some more stuff on disko404, and there should be another EP on Haunted Audio too.

I’m playing a couple of gigs in Mexico at the end of February, followed by some more here in Austria. I also hope to play at Dimensions Festival in Croatia later this – love that festival! Gonna try to focus more on production as well, so hopefully you will see way more material coming out end of the year and in 2014.

Thanks Simon!

For further info check out Simon/Off on facebook, twitter and soundcloud

See what disk404 is up to here.


    1. Rer Repeter – A Giant Hole in the Sky (Offseason dub)
    2. Ramadanman & Midland – More Than You Know (AUS)
    3. Cyclonix – Dagobah (Ejeca’s Bass Wiggle Remix) (Disconnected)
    4. Nubian Minz – Sparcity (dub)
    5. O/V/R – Descending the Left Corner (Blueprint)
    6. IZC -Say It (Dubsquare)
    7. Nubian Mindz – 2nd Chapter of 74 (disko404)
    8. Simon/off – The Feel (dub)
    9. The Wizard & The Prince – The Wizard is a Genius (Rush Hour)
    10. Zed Bias – Heavy Water Riddim (Digital Soundboy)
    11. Kyle Hall & Kero – Zug Island (Wild Oats)
    12. Re-lay – Seastrupp Watt (dub)



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