Chat & Mix #30 – Menik


We caught up with South London based producer Menik to talk about influences, sound design and his unrelenting dream of becoming a footballer. Check the interview and download link below.

How did you first get into making music? What artists first inspired you to make electronic music?

Well I had always listened to hip hop when I was a little youth, people like Nas, Jay Z, Eminem, MOP, Dre, Wu-Tang, Dj Format etc – I always really enjoyed the beats, but back then I was mainly listening for the vocal. It wasn’t until I discovered drum and bass that I really started to appreciate instrumentals – people like Bukem, Paradox, Macc, Goldie, Doc Scott, Photek, Calibre, Dbridge etc, and later on with the likes of Perez, Spectrasoul and Rockwell. I listen back to hip hop records I loved as a kid and find I have a new found appreciation for the production, its great! All these guys inspired me to explore the realms of music production, so I booked a course at North Brook college and that was the beginning.

What have you got lined up in terms of gigs and releases?

Gigs wise I’m currently off radar due to personal reasons, but you may find me at one of the BrownBear events in Kingston every now and again. Release wise I have a few things lined up for Italian based label Rebirth Records, a remix which I can not name just yet and a deep house track called Detail. I’m also working on a remix for my good friend Tom Staniford’s track ‘Elizabeth’, he has an incredible voice! A clip of this will be up on my soundcloud shortly. Also, I am in the start up phase of creating a label with a producer called Eric.S, and the rest of the BrownBear Family. Our first release features a collab between a certain bristol based producer and myself, and a remix I did of a certain Live Dubstep Band – both these artists are massive and the release is set to be huuuge!

Who are you listening to at the moment? Any producers we should look out for?

Currently I’m listening to a lot of Lando Kal, Arkist, Elson David, Maribou State, Maths Time Joy, Dusky, Reflec, Inkarv, Anex, Versa, N Dread, Biome, Demon, Indigo, Synkro and a lot of others; I’m also feeling a lot of acoustic finger picking music – I went to see a guy called Clive Carrol on Friday, and watching him play a song called Oregon really made me think, check him out! Also a guy called Michael Watts, who is truly incredible! My ones to watch would be Eric.S, Jwt, and RFK. Seriously!

Tell us a bit about your sound design company?

I run a collective called At the moment it consists a guy called Pete (Cliffhanga) and myself, but im thinking about getting a couple more designers/composers on board. Most recently i have been working with Korg on the music for a Kaossilator 2 product film – it was a lot of fun getting to grips with the machine and making cheesy electro with out feeling guilty! We also created a new sample pack for High Rankin’s Sample Label Rankin Audio which can be purchased here. Next up is a shoot with Redbull and Nokia filming some free runners!

How do you spend your time when your not working/producing?

Im pretty much your average Joe, I play football for an 11 a side team, still dreaming i can become the next RVP! I watch a lot of sport, documentaries and TV Series.. I would continue but I don’t want to bore you to death!

Cheers Menik!

1. Miguel Campbell – Something Special (Original Mix)
2. Crooks – Don’t
3. Bodhi – Don’t You Know
4. Occult & Molly – Ocra
5. Gullfisk – Green Waters (EPLP Remix)
6. Maribou State – Pagoda
7. Lauryn Hill – Doo Wop (Pedestrian & Maribou State Remix)
8. Monkey Wrench – Fatal Attraction (Pasteman Remix)
9. Elson David – God Bless (Original Mix)
10. Deft – Fastick (Original Mix)
11. Woz – Poppin
12. Eric.S – Del

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