Chat & Mix #20 – Metrist

We caught up with fresh UK techno talent Metrist, who’s provided us with this stomping mix along with answering a few questions – for those on the same tip as Rumah, Joonipah, Happa, South London Ordinance and Thefft etc – check this! No tracklist provided unfortunately but guesses welcome. Have a listen and a ganders after the jump

Easy Joe, how long have you been producing, and what do you do outside of music?

I’ve been making music on computers since I was 14

Who are your main inspirations, or which release/album made you run to a computer helped to develop your own musical direction?

Good question, things that are new to me inspire me, someone trying a new sound or incorporate something new into an already developed genre; I try not to follow the crowd too much but its hard not to when making 4×4 techno/house because a lot has been done before, but there is still room to experiment.

Are you working with any collaborators at the moment?

Yeah I am, I’m collaborating with a friend of mine Bo-Ash-Oak who is making really really good stuff at the moment. Also [with] Rumah, if you look hard enough you can find a collab already floating around of ours, and we are working on an EP for sometime soon.

Whats coming up for you in terms of gigs & releases?

Gig wise not as much as I would like, that’s coming. As for releases i’ve got nothing planned apart from the Nineteen89 release in late autumn, but im in talks with some very exciting people at the moment.

Whats your favourite snack to eat while doing mixdowns?

Like Happa, its all about dried mango, believe the hype because it really is good – that and cheap energy drink from tescos.

Cheers Joe!

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