About Us


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Wizard Sleeve is a multimedia arts collective loosely based in Guildford, UK.

Our group is comprised of 8 DJ’s, 2 VJ’s, 1 artist and a soundsystem available for hire. We run fortnightly radio shows on Surrey’s KaneFM 103.7 and Nottingham’s Rogue FM in conjunction with night takeovers spread across the country, an online streamed house party with some of bass musics most exciting up-comers, a small clothing line, a chat & mix series, a free compilation series featuring affiliated acts, and blog following our foray into cutting edge electronic music. We focus primarily on the UK underground dance music continuum but enjoy and play a whole host of influences from LA instrumental hip-hop, reggae, deep house, techno & left field electronica.

We’re working towards a festival stage to be taken around the UK for summer 2013, starting a regular night in collaboration with other promoters in London, and building our audio visual portfolio to help elevate the collective into the wider working world.


Oli ‘Okota’ is a sound engineer, house/techno producer & DJ. He is the WS task master and creative director for the group taking on the bookings, planning speaker builds, DJing and presenting the KaneFM radio show whilst working at The Premises recording studio in East London.


The technical brains behind Wizard Sleeve; Noisik produces, DJ’s and provides glitchy visual treats across the country as well as looking after the general upkeep of all things digital. Currently performing with Tjorven live, keep your ear to the ground for his left field freak outs. Listen. Watch.


With an encyclopedic knowledge of all things danceable, Theoish provides listeners with a cornucopia of hand picked classics from around the world. As a veteran producer and DJ Theoish brings a certain sophistication and charm to the floor. Look out for him around London and Kent!


Sid ‘Sizlak’ is a producer/DJ based in Nottingham who produces chilled, ambient and broody bass heavy House music. He runs a weekly show on Rogue FM, an upcoming radio station in Notts and runs Wizard Sleeve Presents ‘Traffic’, a local music night in Nottingham city centre. Check his soundcloud here.


Once of Nottingham, now of Guildford, Tom ‘Kinlyf’ is one of WS’s original DJ’s, composers and producers with a hunger for deep ambience. Through a long-time partnership with fellow Nott’s DJ Sizlak, they keep our sounds, sights and shirts spreading far and wide outside the South-East bubble and reel new blood in for the parties. Check out his soundcloud here.


Mark ‘Hyperspaced’ is a musician, composer and one half of WS’s visuals team, currently based in London. When not building giant screens and sculptures for his seizure-inducing projections around the UK’s festivals (and the back garden), he usually takes the role of musical jack-of-all-trades in WS projects.


Skinner ‘Semiotics’ is a producer from Guildford who writes electronic music based on his influences from house, garage, dubstep and techno. A musical upbringing lead to him playing in many groups performing various different styles of music, he currently plays in the live set-up of Slime (Tough Love Records, GETME!). Have a listen to some of his own tracks here.